Terms and conditions for users

By registering as a user (or submitting an ad) the user agrees to Akademisk kvart storing your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation ((EU) nr 2016/679). 

As a registered user you agree to all the data you have entered being saved in our database. Users agree to Akademisk kvart handling their personal data and keeping records. A user record is administered so that Akademisk kvart is able to handle your case in an efficient manner and fulfil our duties. Akademisk kvart use personal data to administer, provide, develop and maintain the services on our website. Akademisk kvart may also contact you with information or to collect your opinion, for example through a user survey. By submitting your personal data to us and agreeing to these terms and conditions you consent to your personal data being treated in accordance with what is stated in these user conditions. 

Your rights

Correction: You have the right to ask that incorrect data be corrected.

Objection: You have the right to object to the treatment of your personal data.

Transcript: You have the right, once per year, after having sent in a signed application, to get a transcript of the personal data that we handle in your case. 

Forgotten: You have the right to at any time and without a fee erase your user account at Akademisk kvart and ask that all your personal data is removed. You can use this right by erasing your account under My Pages or by contacting Akademisk kvart at info@akademiskkvart.se. Please note that even if you revoke your consent for Akademisk kvart to handle your personal data, Akademisk kvart may on another legal basis still have the right to handle your personal data, such as if the user has broken an applicable law. 

The personal data controller handling personal data at Akademisk kvart is SSCO. You find our contact information under "About us". Akademisk kvart cannot be held responsible that the information regarding the allocation of accommodation between users is correct. If a user has a claim against another user due to their use of Akademisk kvart the claimant accepts that the claim should be made independently and without any involvement from Akademisk kvart and that Akademisk kvart is free from all claims, costs and obligations including legal fees, known or unknown, that result from or in connection to such a claim.

Akademisk kvart reserve the right to suspend a user on suspicion of illicit sub-leasing, fraud or similar. Akademisk kvart further reserve the right to not publish any ad aimed at other people than students, that do not meet our terms and conditions or if there is a suspicion of fraud or if the content of the ad or what appears from correspondence is otherwise considered to constitute discrimination according to the Swedish Discrimination Act (Diskrimineringslagen).

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