Terms and conditions for advertising

Rent thresholds

Akademisk kvart is aimed at students and work on the basis of the average student’s financial situation. We have therefore established guidelines regarding what we believe to be a reasonable maximum rent. Heating, electricity and water shall be included in this rent. Other services (eg internet or parking) can be offered in exchange for an additional cost, but it has to be optional and reasonable. It is not allowed to charge extra for furniture.

It is not allowed to offer a reduced rent in exchange for domestic services, babysitting or similar.

Any deposit required is not allowed to be higher than one month’s rent.


Live-in tenancy

3,900 SEK/month


Small studio apartment (approx. 20 sq m) 4,700 SEK/month

Large studio apartment (approx.. 30 sq m) 5,300 SEK/month

Two room apartment 8,300 SEK/month

Three room apartment 10,000 SEK/month

Four room apartment 14 200 SEK/month


Advertising conditions

Akademisk kvart abide by SSCO’s equality policy, which means that we do not accept that requests or demands regarding sex/gender, ethnicity, age or anything similar are specified in the ad.

It is further not allowed to limit the ads to one kind of student (i.e. researchers or PhD-students) or a specific university, ask that the student has an income other than any potential student loans or prevent the student from registering residency (folkbokföra sig) at the address.

Neither is it allowed to limit how many people can rent a residence, other than when it regards a single bedroom.

The shortest rental period allowed is two (2) months.

It is not allowed to ask that the tenant commutes on a weekly basis.

The tenant must have access to kitchen equipment equivalent to a minimum of a stove/hob, a fridge, and a sink with running water. The tenant must also have access to laundry facilities.

Akademisk kvart reserve the right to not publish any ad aimed at other people than students, that do not meet our terms and conditions or if there is a suspicion of fraud or if the content of the ad or what appears from correspondence is otherwise considered to constitute discrimination according to the Discrimination Act (Diskrimineringslagen).

The advertiser agrees that the ad is manually reviewed before it is published. By submitting an ad the advertiser is registered as a user and thereby agrees to the user conditions.

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