Rights and obligations for landlords

As a landlord you have an obligation to abide by the laws that apply to letting. You are also obliged to make clear to your tenant before they move in what you expect of them and what they are paying for. We have here put together information about what regulations and laws apply when you are letting a room, a rented apartment or a condominium or house.

If you want to let a room you will find more information under Live-in tenancy.

If you want to sublet your rented apartment you will find more information under Rented apartment (subletting).

If you want to sublet your condominium or house you will find more information under Condominium or house (subletting).  

To keep in mind as a landlord

1.   Apply and get permission from your landlord or condominium association if you are going to sublet.

2.   Use a written contract, both for you and your tenant’s security.

3.   Create an inventory for all the furniture and fixtures in the accommodation.

4.   Create an inventory of any damage to the accommodation, furniture and fixtures.

5.   Do a check on your tenant if necessary. For example solvency and potential references.

6.   Make sure the tenant has home insurance.

7.   The rent should be paid to you as the leaseholder, as you are the landlord in relation to your tenant.

8.   If subletting a rented apartment for more than two years: waive the tenure.

9.   Set a fair rent.

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