Housing guide

Tips for accommodation hunters

1. Register in the student housing queue! There are two major student housing queues in Stockholm: The Stockholm Housing Agency (Stockholms stads bostadsförmedling  or Bostadsförmedlingen) and Stiftelsen Stockholms studentbostäder (SSSB). You can find more information about these under Housing queues in Stockholm.

 2. Be active in your search. The sooner you start looking for housing the better. The demand for student housing is always highest around the beginning of term, but housing is also released during other times of the year. The be an active seeker all year round.

 3. Look for housing on the subletting market. The housing market in Stockholm is very tough and it takes time to get student housing. To increase your chances of finding accommodation you should look through lodging and subletting ads. You will find all our active ads under Housing.

 4. Widen your perimeters. Stockholm is big and (mostly) has good public transport solutions. It can therefore be worth widening your perimeters and look for accommodation in all the county’s municipalities if possible.

 5. Apply for housing together with other students. If you are already a group of students wishing to rent somewhere to live together it may be easier to get one of the larger apartments or to sublet a large apartment or house.

 6. Use your social network. Should out to all of your friends on social networks that you are looking for housing in Stockholm. Maybe someone knows someone who knows someone. You can also follow us on Facebook (Akademisk kvart) and Twitter (@akademisk_kvart) to keep an eye on our ads.

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